Back in the Saddle Again!

We’re Back in Honduras!

After 6 weeks in the states we returned to Honduras on February 6.  Our time in the states was a much needed time of relaxing, visiting family and friends, going for doctor visits (we are healthy and well) and pondering our future.  Our future, that’s why we came back.  The verse we used in our wedding was:

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. 

We know our future is in God’s hands and our future is to take peace and hope to those in darkness.  When we left Honduras there was political turmoil causing riots and fear but we returned to a more peaceful place where people are hopeful for a brighter future.


Baleadas are our favorite food here! They are much like fajitas: meat, beans, cheese and avocados in a tortilla – yummy. The baleada stand is only a few blocks from our house and they are cheap, a cheap meal makes food taste better for some reason. Did I say meat, yes, the meat is grilled on a skewer, over coals right on the side of the road, tables are set up on the sidewalk and wa-la, the baleada stand is open for business. Many gringos (Americans) as well as Hondurans eat here.

Missionary Retreat

Honduras Fellowship of Missionaries & Ministries (HFMM) has an annual retreat and this year it was held the weekend after we arrived back in country.

There were over 300 members in attendance (a total of around 1000 including family).  We were privileged to be a part of this.  It is designed to be a time of rest and renewal offering workshops, praise and worship, fellowship and nightly services for all ages.  This is especially good for missionaries who live in places where there are no or few other English speakers and is a great time for the children and teens to connect with other Americans their age.  We met several new couples from our area and had a great time.

Trip to Yojoa

A couple of weeks ago our friends at school were ready for a break.  January was cold and rainy but February warmed up some so a Saturday trip to the lake was in order.  Lake Yojoa is about an hour drive from us and offers fishing, kayaking, boating, hiking and more so we packed a lunch and took off.  Some spent the day kayaking while others (us) went hiking through the forest. We came home with sunburns, tired arms & feet but happy hearts!

The headlines could have read: Dos Gringos perdido en los bosque de Honduras (Two Gringo lost in the forest of Honduras)

Do you know where we are?

Our hike was very interesting. As we got to the bridge to enter the forest we were greeted by a ‘guide’ and two guys from the military (machine guns and all). The guide explained that we had to go to the front gate, purchase a ticket then come back and he would guide us through the forest. He showed us a map pointing out the ticket booth but did not have extra copies to give us so we crossed the bridge where the 2 armed guards stood and entered the forest. As we walked down the path it split into 2 trails…we did not see signs so we picked one and wouldn’t you know it was the one that lead into the forest not to the ticket booth! We walked and looked, the scenery was very tropical and thick.  We heard birds singing and the sound of animals running through the woods, some trails were blocked by fallen trees while others were blocked by overflowing streams.

The happy couple made it back.

After walking for two hours we decided to backtrack some and look for another path to the ticket booth.  We really did not want to cross the bridge with guards without tickets-ha!  Finally as we walked back we saw a sign leading to the ticket booth going down a trail that a tree had fallen across so we took it.  We climbed over the tree and went down the trail to find other trees had fallen so we made our way around them only to find the trail was covered in water and impassible.  Another turn around lead us to a trail that lead us by a neighboring farm.  After several dead ends and a lot of walking we finally reached the ticket booth. We got our tickets, yea!!! Now, three hours later, we had to find our way back to the bridge.  Once at the bridge the guards were gone but the guide was waiting for us.  Needless to say, we explained to him that we had taken the self-guided tour and were ready to leave.

More School

School is an adventure.

When we got back to Siguatepeque there were several new students at school.  This is a good thing for the school but it meant there was only one available spot open for us.  Gene started back to class the week after we arrived back, mostly a review & refreshing of previous studies.  Robin stayed at home and did some review, she started classes after a two week ‘home study’ session.  The language is a must so back to studying for us both.

Last week the school arranged a field trip to Comayagua, Honduras.  This city is about 45 minutes from us and is full of history. We visited the museum/cultural center, the beautiful, old Catholic Church and bell tower then had a delicious lunch.

Making new friends, exploring new cities and learning the cultural is a great experience for us.  We see the need for God is great and know that a great move of God is coming to Honduras, America and the world.  Are you a part of this movement? I hope so. God has a plan to give a hope and a future to us all.  Join us in prayer for missionaries across the world to reach the unreached with the message of Christ so that lost souls can open their hearts, receive Jesus and be filled with the hope of a bright future.


We appreciate your prayers and support. 

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Gene & Robin Willis