Heart of the King Ministries Newsletter 1

When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth.
He will not speak on his own but will tell you what he has heard.
He will tell you about the future.  John 16:13

The New Year has begun and the Holy Spirit is leading us on. Praise God!

HFMM Region 9

La Esperanza, the city we live in, now has an official Missionary Regional Group! We have been members of Honduras Fellowship of Missionaries and Ministries (HFMM) since our early days in Honduras. This is a ministry that provides support and connections for any and all missionaries & ministries in Honduras, who wish to join, through conferences, fellowship, Facebook groups, legal assistance, counseling and more. Meetings for the regional group we were part of were over 1 hour away so gatherings were almost impossible to attend and return before dark. This year, they created a new region just for our area! We now have a local group and will be able to meet together more easily to encourage and help each other. There are four HFMM families in our area and as we meet we can invite other friends and non-HFMM members to join in with fellowship, talking in English and eating home cooking! What a real blessing.


One of our missionary families here in La Esperanza has been going through some tough times with family sickness and loss of support. After we returned from our US visit, God whispered to my heart that they needed some food. Gene & I went to the store and purchased some food for them and then we took them to the market to get some fresh vegetables and fruit. They revealed that their Mother had surgery and money was very tight. The food was a real need for them. Isn’t God good! He supplies every need. God help us to always listen to that still small voice in our heart.


Gene helped our friend Tim as he moved a family from a 5 room house back to a small village where they would live in a 1 room house owned by their family. The owners of the bigger house they were renting asked them to leave so they had a short notice to move. They were grateful to have a place to live and are making the best of it. The man does work and rides his bicycle each day to get to his job, they have 3 young boys. Please keep Marcos and his family in your prayers. A couple of days after the move, Tim received a call that one of the sons had cut his foot. A trip to the house showed that the boy had had an accident on his bike and his heel was cut and scraped badly. Some antibiotic cream and bandages helped to make things better. This is a kind family who loves God. There will be more exploring in this area to see if they are open to a Bible study.


We have made some wonderful friends here in La Esperanza. Our missionary friends who work with young teens are doing a great job. Since public schools here are out from late November until February, they planned club meetings twice a week during the break for the kids to attend. Kelly’s grandmother died so she went to the states leaving Steve to handle the club meetings. He did a great job carrying on with the scheduled activities. When he had to go to the airport (4 hours away) to pick up Kelly, they asked if we could fill in for them. Of course we were a little nervous but they have a faithful assistant that works with them and knows the routine. With his help we went and had a great day playing games, talking and sharing with the kids! At the end of the month we joined Kelly and Steve as they went to their mission headquarters for a visit. This ministry was started over 60 years ago when Honduras was mostly jungle land. From the enduring efforts of this initial family, a farm was started and the gospel was preached. Today with about 3000 acres of land encompassing a cattle farm, hay and corn fields, a bi-lingual school and more, they are one of the top producers of milk for Honduras as well as employing over 70 local people! What a true blessing from God. As we listen and obey God, He will bring forth great things!


Gene is continuing to teach Bible classes at one of the local bilingual schools.  As we have mentioned previously, the major topic of his class this year is, ‘How to hear God speak to us’.  This time of the year, many of the seniors are applying to universities both in Honduras and in the states.  Several of them have expressed to Gene that they have been seeking Jesus for advice and He has been talking with them.  It is wonderful that some of the students are hearing from God and we give God the glory that the classes are making a difference in the lives of students here.


God has laid on my heart to pray for Honduras as a nation, that the people will find their way to God and fulfill the original purpose God had for this country. If you would, join us as we pray for Godly leadership, fruitful land, better education, skills training and salvation of souls. God bless Honduras!


Gene & Robin Willis


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